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Louise is a self-taught multimedia artist currently working in Oakland, CA. She studied Jewelry design under Master Jeweler Renato Ronquillo, in her hometown of Houston, TX, before setting sails for the Bay Area where she created her brand Louise Ren. Her works range from intricate and finely detailed mixed-media pieces, psychedelic acrylic abstract paintings, modish minimal textiles, and adventuresome surreal digital collages.


Her work is an exploration of the subconscious, intuition, and serendipity. Most of her work relies heavily on the clairvoyance of emotions, while the execution itself presents a fortunate stroke of serendipity. Creating art is a way of freeing her superficiality by way of contrast in color choice and spontaneity of dynamic materials, while also deeply satisfying her soul. Through her work, we experience our universe with a new expansive & compelling perspective.


Her process is ever evolving due to the joy she finds in studying new techniques presenting an exuberant vast collection that sharply exhibits her style. Louise developed a distinctive aesthetic over the years which draws upon the influence of her love of nature, architecture, performing arts, and fashion. Her everyday interactions with community, nature, and self-healing fuel her inspiration, yet traveling is what truly pushes her out of comfort. Viewing her dynamic and exuberant works of art is an exciting and kinetic experience. She hopes to inspire others to open their hearts, explore their inner child, and to give back more than you take.